Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 9 - Chamanculo A –

Hellooooo loved ones!

Twas another great week down here for ya boys in Chamanculo! Lots of fun activities and lots of work. Elder Griffeth and I are working very hard with some investigators, preparing them to get baptized on the 24th of June. We are teaching Elvis and Nelson, who are twins and they are really great and humble and want to learn. The only thing that isn't helping is that they are soccer rats haha they are playing soccer 24/7 so whenever we pass by their home and they aren't there we have to go the closest field and try to find them which always leads to fun experiences. We are also teaching Junior, who is the neighbor to our ward mission leader, Xavier. Junior is the most mature 16-year-old I have ever met. At night, he is usually taking care of his little brother, cooking and prepping everything for the next day. With every visit, he is breaking out of his shy shell haha. And we are also teaching Marta, who is the nanny/worker of Amilcar and Elvira. We went by the other day to teach Junior a follow up lesson and Elvira told us that Marta was already reading the Book of Mormon and that the she was already in 1 Nephi 9 sooo she is pretty dope.

Monday night we had a meeting with President and Sister Senna at their home speaking and conversing about the work that needs to be done to help the Matola Stake be created.  On Saturday, the stake had a big open house at the Summerschield Chapel. They took the chance to do a blood drive and open the doors to everyone that wanted to come. It was a great turnout and we as the missionaries were in charge of the after snacks for giving blood.  We went out in turns talking with everyone in the road and inviting them to check out the open house. It was something so simple as a missionary but something that we don’t do much in this mission of just walking up and down the streets and parking lots talking with every person that we can. It was an amazing experience talking with everyone and seeing all the members that were participating as well. Two returned missionaries went out and were bringing people to the church like crazy. Elder Griffeth and I went out with some perspective Elders and they would just talk to everyone so naturally. Elder Griffeth and I were so amazed about how much more prepared they were than we were going into our missions.

All in all, the work is rolling on like it talks about in Daniel 2! The work of the Lord will continue to go on, no matter what! Even if we take a back seat, lose motivation, or just think that we don’t have time in our role of sharing the gospel, Heavenly Father will still find ways and give us opportunities to share. His work and His glory is that all His sons and daughters hear of the message of happiness and joy, which is the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Love yallz! Have a great week, signing off

Elder Chipman

ps. Shoutout to Parker for graduating this upcoming week. I hope you listen Graduation by Kanye all week. Another shoutout to Devin and Emily congrats on another baby girl coming your way!

Pics from the Open House

Elvira made us luch after a visit.
Fejiao Nhemba, best beans in the world!

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