Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Week 10 - Chamanculo A - "Like Father, Like Son" by the Game

Alrighty yall!

This week was pretty great for us down here. A week full of the sweet spirit of service and the overall highlight came from Wednesday, when we helped a group of audiologists from the States, at the hospital all day. Last Sunday night, right before a stake devotional with President and Sister Senna. Two Americans just showed up at the chapel, walked right up to us missionaries and introduced themselves as brother and sister Rakuskus and so that gave it away that they were members haha. But it turned out they were in Mozambique on a charity event called "Hearing the Call" where their objective was to help test for hearing loss, distribute and teach the use and care of hearing aids, to those that do not have the conditions to receive this help. And Sister Rakuskus came by to ask President Senna if there could be some missionaries at the hospital Monday-Wednesday to help them out with translating. Elder Griffeth and I had the blessing to go on the last day to help out and it was such a special day. Elder Griffeth and I were able to work in the rooms where they put the hearing aids in and turn them on for the first time for the people and seeing their faces light up every time is something that I will never forget. We got to the hospital at about 7:00 AM and left there at 5:30 PM so it was a full day of work but it was well spent.

The work is still progressing as well! We are planning on having the baptism of Junior this week and on top of him being confirmed on Sunday, Nelio (who was baptized a few weeks ago) will be speaking and receiving the Priesthood as well. So, it should be a great week for us teaching and seeing the Lord's work move forward here in Chamanculo!

To end I would like to throw out some shoutouts. First S/O goes the only Parker Henry Chipman for going beast mode and getting that master’s degree! Second, to Corey and Teagan! I hope you guys have great birthdays! And last but definitely not least, to Papa B! With yesterday being Father's Day I would just like to let you know how much I love and appreciate you. I am so grateful for all the sacrifices that you have made in your life to bless my own and the lives of everyone else in the family. In short terms, if the Chipmans were like the Mighty Ducks, you are our Emilio Estevez hahaha. Love you tho Papa B!

Have a great week beach bums!

Elder Chipman

Pictures from "Hearing the Call Mozambique"

These are the last two little girls that got their hearing aids on Wednesday. The first is Rofin (age 10), who lost her hearing when she was 6 because of Malaria. When her hearing aids came on that smile would not come off her face! When I went to take a picture with her she gave me the biggest hug ever and thanked me. In my mind I thought, "Well I didn’t do anything." But then it hit me that if you are serving someone, through a huge act or small, everyone that is involved can feel of God's and of Jesus Christ's love them. The second, is Albertinha who is 15 and was so happy that when the Doctors put on music she started dancing.

Elder Griffeth and I eating PB&J's at KFC after a long
 day of service. haha


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