Monday, October 19, 2015

So Africa is Africa! Week One

Alright... so I feel like sooooo much has happened since I talked to everyone last! First, we left the MTC Monday night, got to NYC Tuesday morning (sang a little bit of newsies once I got outside lol), and then got to Johannesburg on Wednesday morning, then flew straight to Maputo where we met President and Sister Koch and the AP's. They took us to the Mission Office where we able to relax and have lunch for a little bit. That night we had dinner at the Koch's home and we able to get know them a little bit more, they are so loving and caring of every missionary so I think I will be in good hands. That night we stayed in one of the Mission Apartments and it was really nice. They next day we got to go to the Maputo Zone Conference and it was super chill cause I was able to meet a lot of elders there and see kind of how things are done down here in Mozambique. After that we went back to the apartment and everyone just fell asleep but I went and walked with Elder Stanley (Mission Secretary) and it was amazing to get my first experience of real mission work! We taught a family but the 2 other visits fell through. The next day we had lunch with the AP's downtown and after a little bit more training we got to know where are first area was! Drum roll please...... I will be serving in the Magoanine District and in the Maputo Zone!! For the past couple of days I have been in a tri with Elder Larsen and Elder Macanige and for the next transfer I will be trained by Elder Macanige (Mock-a-neesh)!! I could not be more blessed; Elder Macanige is from Beira, Mozambique so I will be learning a lot of Portuguese! The past couple of days we have gone out contacting and taught a couple of lessons. Saturday, in our ward we had a "Cultural Activity" where the elders got tell more about the US and we learned more about Mozambique. After that we had a baptismal service and there were 7 people that got baptized. During the baptism I felt the spirit so strong it motivated me in my purpose as a missionary! I am legit living on my own and it is a big change for me but it’s a good and a necessary change! The language is ok I guess. When other elders talk I can pick up on a lot more but when natives talk it is like they are not speaking Portuguese so I am extremely bless to have a native Mozambican as my trainer!

So here are my first impressions of Africa and Mozambique...

1) IT IS HOT! I am honestly sweating buckets out here and the best part is apparently it’s not even hot yet soooo hopefully my body will adjust to the weather here.

2) Driving here is so tight but so scary! It is like everyone got their license from GTA.

3) The people here are truly amazing! The ward made me feel right at home on Saturday and Sunday! I am so excited to work with the ward a lot more over this next transfer! Even the nonmembers when you contact people are so nice and receptive and then the little kids.. don’t even get me started on the little kids! They all make fun of me cause I don’t speak Portuguese but they are still dope. Whenever we pass kids on the streets kids will give you a thumbs up and yell, "Cho!" and they will not stop until you do it back they are the best.

4) The handshakes/hi-fives down here are dope. I will teach yall when I get home!

I am so glad to hear that everyone is doing awesome! I just read mom and dad’s email about Grandma, and started crying in this internet cafe but then I got this overwhelming feeling that she was finally reunited with Grandpa and now they and Muz and Poppy are all looking over us! I hope everyone has a great week! For a spiritual note this week I challenge everyone to go study President Erying's conference talk, "Is It I?" and for all of us to look more inward so then we may change and better ourselves to help others! Love and miss all of you soo much!

Much love from the real durty south,

Elder Chipman


Elder Chipman with Pres. & Sis. Koch

  View from the Mission's Apartments


Our Home
My new gym on our Patio
This is the street we walk to get to the main streets

       Ward Cultural Activity

The Maputo Stake Center
Sunset in front of the Maputo Stake Center

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